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Vim-Matlab Errno 2 No such file or directory

I just installed the plugin provided by daeyun here: But when I open up an M-file in Neovim, go to connect to the server with the command :MatlabLaunchServer I get ...
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Matlab syntax highlight: Avoid "reverse video" for "%%" at start of line

I am using gVim 8.2 from Cygwin. The synax highlighting recognizes code lines starting with "%%" at columns 1 and 2 show the text black characters on orange background. It is not ...
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Vim-Matlab plugin

I am trying to get the plugin vim-matlab for neovim working, but with no success. When I try to call any command from nvim ( like :MatlabCliHelp ), I get the following output. Do you have any ideas ...
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folding in matlab

I'm using vim for my matlab editor. And It works nicely, except I cannot get folding to work. I found my syntax file on github: matlab.vim And I wanted to add folding. I changed the line syn ...
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Matchit Plugin: issues when resetting regular expressions in "b:match_words" for detecting Matlab file keywords

I'm trying to implement a custom regexp string to be used by matchit.vim for identifying matching keywords that can be jumped between with %. I found a utility from FileExchange (in the ftplugin ...
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Find first occurrence of string or return end of file

I am currently setting up my Vim to work with matlab. In matlab, sections are separated by %%, and I am looking for a command to select my current section. I currently use nnoremap <Leader>f ...
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Vim remotely over SSH channel and see the MATLAB figures

I want to ssh into a Linux server from my macbook, and code Matlab, execute my Matlab code and see the figures that are produced by Matlab all through the one single SSH channel. I note that, I don't ...
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How to use Neovim as editor in MATLAB

One of the neat features in Neovim is that it should be possible to embed it into other applications, to make it look it as if it was the built in editor an IDE for example! I really want to do this ...
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