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How can I match a regexp containing newlines?

When developing a vim plugin I'll publish soon, I want to highlight a text contained in a variable g:last_completion_text. Here below the code to define an highlight group named PrompterCompletion ...
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1 answer

What is the shortest search pattern that matches nowhere?

This is mostly a curiosity-driven question. I can't think of anything shorter than x\@=y, which tries to match x and y at the same position. A slightly longer, but probably more self-explaining ...
2 votes
0 answers

Highlight groups stop working after sourcing vimrc

I'm working on a todo plugin for Neovim, using the remote plugin API. I set highlight groups and matching patterns in my script, and then register it with call remote#host#RegisterPlugin. When Neovim ...
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0 answers

Jump between all the matchadd matches for a group?

One can use the matchadd function to add to groups of matches that will be highlighted in the VIM editor. But how does one jump between the matches within a specific group?