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define a match group for a modeline

Looking to define a match group for modelines. vim defines two patterns for modelines: The first form: [text{white}]{vi:|vim:|ex:}[white]{options} [text{white}] empty or any text followed by at least ...
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Interaction between zero-width matchers and backreferences

Take a file with the following text as a workbench. hello world hello world With the cursor at the beginning of the line, here's how \1 interacts with \(…\), \@=, and \@! # regex matched text text ...
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Matchpairs not working?

I'd like to match pairs in nvim and have the following code: vim.opt.matchpairs:append("❪:❫") vim.opt.matchpairs:append("⟮:⟯") vim.opt.matchpairs:append("❨:❩") However, ...
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