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Questions tagged [map-operator]

Use this tag for questions about creating your own operator within vim.

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1 answer

Get motion used within operatorfunction?

How can I make a custom operator function that can programmatically reuse the motion that the user called it with? E.g. I want to map the operator m so that miw goes to the start of the file and then ...
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2 votes
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Do operator ranges/movements/textobjects always overwrite the last visual selection? workaround?

In vim, when I operate on a textobject from a plugin, say the 'inner indent' typed ii from kana/vim-textobj-indent, my last visual selection ('>, '<) is reset to where the operator worked on. ...
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Avoid ending up in mode from onoremap

When I'm on an empty line and press cfa, nothing happens, whereas on a line with an a, it will go into insert mode. E.g. I have this: onoremap <silent> a :normal! Favfz Whether I am on an ...
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