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The program that will be run when the `:make` command is executed.

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Configuring Multiple Compiler Plugins in a Single Project

Vim has compiler plugin feature which enables the user to write a compiler configuration, and then running :make will trigger the command, and errorformat will parse the output and will print any ...
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Can't hide quickfix before executing makeprg

I'm trying to hide the quickfix window while building, so that it doesn't show outdated info. I can, of course, execute :ccl at any time to close quickfix. Additionally, I've used autocmd to call a ...
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Default javac Compiler Plugin Does not Display Shell Output

I want to compile and run a generated java executable inside of Vim quickfix. My .vimrc: function! Make(script) if &ft ==# "c" || &ft ==# "cpp" compiler gcc elseif &...
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