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Building from source whilst already having a version installed

Using arm [on raspberry pi], I built Neovim from source successfully, and I can run the bin from neovim/build/bin, which runs fine. Initially I installed Neovim using apt. The repo for this distro ...
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How to correctly set up :make for building Vim?

My question could fairly be a duplicate of this, but I hope I'm making it critically different by asking about :makeing Vim itself and having a meaningful quickfix window. (In reality, my use case is ...
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How to fold away C++ system headers in quickfix window?

If I make a mistake in a class in some C++ code, I'll typically get a ton of messages from the compiler about how hard it's tried to find something suitable in system header files. This floods the ...
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How can I create mappings to execute specific Vim commands, depending on if a makefile exists?

In general, I have makefiles setup anytime I'm working on C projects. To save and compile these projects, I've bound the ' key to do this: map ' :wa<CR>:!make<CR> However, I sometimes ...
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Makeprg runs in different directory than `pwd`

When I run a command using make, it runs from a different directory than running it as a regular command with !. My app is a CBRA, and I open vim from within a component. The top-level app, though, is ...
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How do I prevent the :make command to behave like a external command?

When I use :make, the command first shows me the shell and has me press Enter and only then do I get to the actual error in the file. Is there a reason for this behaviour ? Can I get rid of it ?
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How can I compensate for vim and make not using the same working directory?

I have a project where make and vim are run from different directories. The project structure looks like this: root/ ├── build │   └── gmake_linux │   ├── bin │   │   └── Debug │   ...
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Automatically launch debugging session if make succeeds, quickfix list otherwise

Currently, I have begun using vim for C++ projects. I use vimspector for debugging help. This offers a command :call vimspector#Launch() to debug the current successful build. To build the current ...
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Issue with makeprg Shell Script $? Variable

I have the following .vimrc: let &makeprg="./run-tests" The contents of run-tests: #!/bin/sh error_file=$(mktemp) coverage run --source "$PWD" --branch -m pytest tests/ >&...
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Can I execute the make command only on selected lines?

Let's say I have the following script: sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade sudo apt install jq sudo apt install jo If I use the command :set makeprg=bash\ % | make inside Vim, the system will ask me my ...
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How can I return to the file that I'm editing when I execute it from inside Vim?

Let's say that I have the following node.js script: console.log("test") If I use the command :set makeprg=node\ % | set autowrite | make I'll execute this node.js code and see the following ...
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How do you prevent a new window from opening when running :make

Whenever I run :make in Vim, it always takes control away from my buffer, places me in a temporary view where I see the makeprg's output and then prompts me to "Press ENTER or type command to ...
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