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Questions tagged [lunarvim]

LunarVim is a Vim distribution. It is pre-configured but user-extensible.

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How to have automatic function parameter hint popup in NeoVim ( LunarVim ) with pyright LSP?

Greetings NeoVim version: NVIM v0.9.5. I have recently installed NeoVim, with LunarVim configuration on top. My LSP is Pyright. Everything about the LSP and configuration is great, but everytime I'...
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Recommended configuration of npm for working with Neovim and LunarVim in Debian stable

I'm trying to figure out how to set up npm the "best" way for my future Neovim+LunarVim use in Debian stable. I installed the latest stable Neovim from source and I'm in the process of ...
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Neovim: external C++ Library Header file parsing not working

I am using Neovim (LunarVim IDE layer), I want to work with 'openFrameworks' library. To not get linter warning on header file includes (look at example below), I am adding all possible header files ...
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How to add fonts/icons to a remote terminal running on ubuntu vm?

I am using lunar vim, and want to add icons to a remote terminal running on ubuntu vm. Is this possible? On vm, output of echo $TERM is xterm-256color. I tried the steps given here https://www....
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How to comment in Vim?

In VSCode I can comment my code with Ctrl kCtrl c and uncomment with Ctrl kCtrl u Is there any way to do this using LunarVim or Neovim?
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How to install LunarVim on Windows?

I am installing LunarVim on Windows using the official docs available at: I run: bash <(curl -s
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How to copy the output from vim command line?

I use lunarvim. I want to get the version of the it to a file. I read this link: redirect vi command output to a file I tried this command: :redir > vim.output | LvimVersion | redir END But I get ...
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How can I restore the behavior where h and l stopped at the beginning and end of the line?

After quite some time of using Vim I wanted to switch to NeoVim and set it up with more IDE-like features. So I googled and took the first thing I found (LunarVim/nvim-basic-ide/), thinking I could ...
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neovim - unable to setup gopls integration

I have configured my neovim editor using this link ( I have run LspInstallInfo and installed gopls successfully here. However, when I open type of ...
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$VIMINIT conflicts for neovim and vim

Repost from stackoverflow after suggestion I am trying to move from vim to neovim. I have a strange problem. I have, in my .bashrc, exported $VIMINIT to .config/vim/vimrc so that vim files like ....
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How to config to get good splash screen with Ascii Art or maybe a picture like Lunarvim and Spacevim?

I see in Lunarvim and Spacevim have the same appearance when is opened. Did they use the same plugin or have special configuration? Currently, I'm using Vim8.2. You can help me by showing your ...
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How to set the diagnostic level for neovim lsp

By default the lsp has set the diagnosticLevel to Hints, i wanna set this to information level. I tried looking at various places but couldn't find much. I am using LunarVim config if that gives extra ...
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