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How do I get Vim to be able to run both python and python3 on a Linux system in the same session?

On Linux systems, packaged Vim typically has only one of either python or python3 enabled. It is possible for both to be enabled (using python/dyn and python3/dyn), but during a session, only one can ...
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gvim window looks bad

I don't know why my gvim windows looks like this in linux. Is there anything I need to add to my vimrc file in addition to this? execute pathogen#infect() syntax on filetype plugin indent on set ...
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How do I get +clipboard support in Fedora 20?

It seems to me that neither "+p nor "*p works for me. How can I know if my Vim is installed and set up properly to make them available? And if it's not set up, what can I do to set it up? I'm running ...
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how to change python interpreter used by jedi-vim

I have Anaconda (including python3.5.2), VIM (7.4) and Jedi-VIM installed on my system. There was also a python installed on the linux system by default. The autocompletion is working on base ...
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How to delete till the end of the previous line (i.e. to end of line above)?

An example (The ^ is the cursor position): Before: a bc def ghi j k l mn o p q rs ^ After: a bc def ghimn o p q rs ^ or at least: a bc def ghimn o p q rs ^ I know I ...
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How to build vim from sources with GUI support?

I am trying to build vim from source, especially gvim, to get some of the bug fixes that have been plaguing me in the office repository. I can compile vim fine but gvim is not being generated due to ...
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2 answers

How can I build vim with just python 3 support?

I'm on Arch, and recently the vim-python3 and gvim-python3 packages were removed, so I'm working on building vim from source such that the :python command will act as python3. Specifically, I'm doing ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Install Vim with +clipboard support but without Gvim?

My distribution comes with a minimal version of Vim. vim --version returns -clipboard, so the * and + registers interact (copy/paste) with the primary and clipboard do not work. The resources I've ...
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How to redirect the output of a command as the quickfix list to a vim server / function?

When I click on a link in thunderbird and firefox is already running, it doesn't open a new window, just a new tab. I want the same thing for vim: no matter where I am and how I send a bunch of files ...
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Understanding :help set-termcap

I would like to define some mappings involving key combinations like <S-F1> or <A-d>. For example something like this: nnoremap <A-d> :echo "hello world!"<cr> However, on my ...
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Using vim-addon-manager

I just downloaded and installed vim-addon-manager using sudo apt-get install. I'm not sure what to do next, I entered vim-addon-manager at the bash prompt (Ubuntu 14.04). Here is the output: ~$ vim-...
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How to remap <C-[> on linux [duplicate]

I have the same vimrc file for both Windows and Ubuntu environments. It works fine on both platforms, except for one difference. The line: nmap <C-[> <C-t> is working fine on Windows, ...
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Maps literally read < and > instead of the actual character

Situation Entire .vimrc: inoremap a <CR> Action: user types ia to enter insert mode and type a Expected result: a carriage return is entered into the document Actual result: the characters &...
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How to print a multi-line match?

I've a file where I would like to extract a multiline pattern in non-greedy way (similar to this scenario) by using ex editor. This example works fine: $ ex +'/aa/,/cc/p' -scq! <(echo -e "start\...
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`vint` linter just quits due to a vim plugin incompatibility

[Vim 8.0.1 / Syntastic 3.9.0-19 / Vundle 0.5 / vint 0.3.19 on Arch Linux] My vim linter seems to be broken and I don't quite understand why. It's been working fine in its present configuration, ...
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How to change in gvim GTK file browser the default file mask wildcard (glob)?

In gvim the command :browse confirm e launches a GTK file browser. The default file mask in this window depends on the filetype from which the browse window is invoked. I would like to change that ...
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How to create regex group with dependency with earlier group via math operations

Imagine I have a file as follows, 10 10 10 11 ... 10 20 20 20 20 21 ... 20 40 40 40 40 41 ... I know simple regex such as To search two numbers /\d\+ \d\+ To search repeated numbers /\(\d\+\) \1 My ...
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gvim looks terrible on my RedHat. Unable to change font

When running gvim on my RedHat: Linux trex-06 3.10.0-514.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed Oct 19 11:24:13 EDT 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux NAME="Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server" VERSION="7.3 (Maipo)" ID=...
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