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Questions tagged [linux-debian]

For questions specific to using vim on the Debian operating system. Note that unless your question is specific to Debian, you should use the more general "Linux" tag

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Why is neovim on the Debian repository so old?

Latest neovim release is 0.9.5. On Debian it's 0.7.2-8—Why?
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Neovim 0.9.1 can't open syntax.vim

I just installed Neovim v0.9.1 in a Debian 12 Bookworm Server system. I installed it from its homepage(github) using the .tar.gz method (nvim-linux64.tar.gz) I decompressed the archive in /home/user/...
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init.lua does not run, silent failure

Trying to set up a new VM, I copied over my dotfiles and they weren't working. I've reduced my init.lua to something very simple. All it has is, vim.opt.tabstop = 2 Yet, when I start up vim, nothing ...
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What does runtime! debian.vim actually do?

The vimrc template I used had the message "Ensure options work with the Vim-related packages available in Debian." for runtime! debian.vim Here is the contents of /usr/share/vim/vim81/...
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How to set copyq to handle clipboard?

I want to let CopyQ clipboard manager handle clipboard (I am using set clipboard+=unnamed setting). To that end, this setting was added to init.vim file: let g:clipboard = { \ 'name': '...
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Vimtex: `latexmk` compiler gives "no file name specified" error even after a new buffer is written to a file

When I open a new instance of vim without any 'filename' argument and write some LaTeX code, I cannot just compile it to pdf with latexmk, because it needs a file to compile from. However, even after ...
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How to install vim with +clientserver on debian?

I would like to enable Vim's clientserver support for the vimtex call back mechanism. "Vim requires |+clientserver| in order to allow inverse search from the PDF viewer to Vim (see |vimtex-...
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Vim Jedi Plugin -- Add .sage filetype

,g$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P. OS: Debian 9.9 stretch ,g$$P"" """Y$$.". Kernel: x86_64 Linux 4.19.0-0.bpo.4-amd64 ,$$P' `$$$. Uptime: 3h 17m ',$$P ,ggs. `$$...
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Cannot set (let) mapleader and use <leader> in global vimrc

I'm using basic version vimrc from No problem if I put my vimrc at /home/{user}/.vimrc, but if I put it in /etc/vimrc (arch) or /etc/vim/vimrc (debian), it becomes a ...
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3 answers

E138: Can't write viminfo file $HOME/.viminfo! root $HOME not set in vim

When I :q vim on my debian root account (not even writing), it always displays an error message: E138: Can't write viminfo file $HOME/.viminfo! .viminfo didn't exist, so I created it and checked ...
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1 answer

Vim on Debian, configuration issues

I have been working with a stock vim configuration for a long time. I want to modify just a couple of settings. I don't want to lose the rest of the default configuration. If I create a new .vimrc I ...
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5 answers

how to install vim with python support for debian strech

I installed debian strech two days ago. I installed vim and configured some plugins. I always encountered the following error while opening any file: vim Error detected while processing /home/...
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vimtutor not working as expected - how to fix?

Background I've been using Linux for years now and my daily driver is Debian Jessie. I have been using vim for about 2 years but my vim skills are sub-optimal (I still really only use the basics). I'...
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Python integration in Vim on Raspberry Pi

I am relatively new to programming, and I built a mobile computer with a Pi at its heart to learn on the go. Ideally, I would use Vim as my IDE for Python 3. However, every attempt at installation ...
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3 answers

How to Get syntax highlight of LaTeX in Debian's Vim?

I get no syntax highlight now in Debian's Vim by the workflow which works in Ubuntu 16.04: installation of packages and activating syntax installation apt-get install vim texlive-full activation in ...
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How can I get more features?

My vim version is "huge" without GUI. Nevertheless, it is missing a lot of features like clipboard and python. How can I get a more full-featured version? I read that there is a version vim-nox which ...
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accidental turn of mouse wheel when pasting text

A problem that bothers much my editing work with vim happens when pasting text and the mouse wheel rotates slightly by accident with the result that text is inserted elsewhere in the file under ...
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Ctrl-Key in vim keymaps running on raspbian are not responsive

I'm currently running raspbian (a 7 version, cat /etc/debian_version says 7.8) on a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. Because I have to edit some of my python files directly on the running system, I copied my ....
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Re-activation of vim-youcompleteme

I recently had an 'rm -rf' related mishap in my home directory ( Ubuntu 14.04 installation ). Vim ( v 7.4.52 ) and the add-on package 'vim-youcompleteme' had been installed prior to the mishap and ...
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VIM behavior in Linux VM

The GVim window is having screen refresh issues in my vmware virtual machine. The problem is very evident when I scroll pages or go to a line or search for words. Pressing Ctrl-k repaints the screen ...
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3 answers

Is there a difference between "sudo apt-get vim" and "./configure --with-features=huge"?

I'd like to install VIM via apt-get, but I'm not sure if I get all of its features. Is there a difference between this, and compiling it from source?
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