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Neovim tries to run vale through a Autocommand

Whenever I save a .txt file it I get the error: Error detected while processing BufWritePost Autocommands for "*": Error running vale: ENOENT: no such file or directory I have tried using :...
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How to set the ALE configuration `g:ale_exclude_highlights`?

I use ALE to check coding style, but I want to ignore the warning type:line too long, like this picture: And I find the related setting g:ale_exclude_highlights, this is its explanation in :help ale :...
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Display lint info in vim ruler

I've installed the vim-flake8 plugin and it works correctly to lint Python in vim. When I am on a particular line, I can use :call flake8#Flake8ShowError() and it will display the error in the vim ...
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How can I check the status of an efm linter?

I have configured a number of linters in NeoVim using efm, using a configuration similar to the following; the actual linter makes no difference as my question applies to all linters, but shellcheck ...
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