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Case-sensitive search with `smartcase` set

I have set smartcase in my init.vim so searching with /lowercase is case-insensitive, which is usually what I want. However, I sometimes want to do a case-sensitive search where my target is all ...
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How can I replace a word while keeping the original casing?

Basically: cat -> horse CAT -> HORSE Cat -> Horse I know this is underspecified (e.g. unclear what cAt should become). However, is there a canonical solution for this?
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How to change word under cursor to upper case in command mode with shortcut?

I want to set up a shortcut to make word under the cursor upper case in the command mode. I know that you can get the word under the cursor with expand("<cword>"). But I am not sure how do I ...
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Tag not found unless searched for

I have a very weird situation with my tags file not working as expected. My tag file is sorted case-insensitively (starts with !_TAG_FILE_SORTED\t2\t/foldcase/), and ignorecase is set. When I put my ...
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Change Case of last searched pattern

I often use # key to quickly search for a keyword. I want to change the case of the last searched pattern in the easiest possible way. One way to do this is to use \U\1 in the substitution part and ...
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How do you make the command mode case insensitive?

For example, I might accidentally type something like :WQ and I want it to work like :wq when a hit enter Another case is where I am typing a longer command name, for example NERDTreeTabsClose. (Note ...
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How do I substitute two same words (of different cases) to another two words whilst retaining their original cases?

I am sorry that my English was not good enough to clearly describe the task in the title. Here is a more descriptive attempt. Let us say I have the following text \gls{tla}{TLA} (As a side note, ...
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How to make f{char} case insensitive?

Regarding this command: f{char} To [count]'th occurrence of {char} to the right. The cursor is placed on {char} |inclusive|. {char} ...
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Caps Lock in insert mode only

Sometimes, such as when transcribing FORTRAN code, I find it useful to enter uppercase letters without holding down the Shift key. However, enabling Caps Lock is a problem in command mode. Here is my ...
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Prohibit unintentional ~ from F6 button

I have a mapping to remove trailing whitespace, defined like this: nnoremap <silent> <F6> :%s/\s\+$//<CR>''. It works fine, except that if I press Esc before pressing F6, instead of ...
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Disable case sensitive auto-completion, while "smartcase" search is enabled?

I like the behavior of smartcase while searching, and I like Vim's auto-completion options, but I don't like them together. Is there any way to keep smartcase enabled, but have auto-completion results ...
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Is there a way to use ignore case only for autocompletion in insert mode?

I know I can :set ignorecase smartcase to get autompletion to be case-insensitive but this has the side-effect of making all searches case-insensitive unless they contain an uppercase character. I ...
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Case Insensitive Search with g ex command?

How can you do a case insensitive search with line contexts displayed in vim while using the :g ex command? I tried the following but it doesn't seem to work... g/pattern/z#.1i|echo "================...
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Make gvim show Q letter (character) [closed]

My vim doesn't represent the uppercase letter q Q? How to fix this? Here is my vimrc : set nocompatible " be iMproved, required filetype off " required syntax on set ...
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make external command completion case insensitive when called from within Vim

I've been learning Vi/Vim for some month and, at the moment, I'm editing many files at once splitting the window, jumping from one buffer to the others. I find it very useful. One thing I don't like ...
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Convert word to another substituting case (upper or lower) with same case

I am looking for a way to convert one word to another while "capturing" the case of the match that is substituted. An example: I have the text: Begin the beginning Now I want to convert this to ...
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How can you change the case of a backreference in Ex-mode substitute command?

For instance, let's say I want to change all instances of Ctrl-m, Ctrl-p, etc., in a document to the more conventional ^M, ^P, etc. I can use :s/Ctrl-\(.\)/^\1to almost accomplish this, but it leaves ...
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How can I convert words to camelCase in a macro?

I have a list of words, like this: these are some words that I want to convert to camel case I need a way to turn, for example, camel case into camelCase within a macro (or a way to turn every line ...
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How to make movements respect camelCase or snake_case?

It is common to use either camelCase or snake_case to separate multiple words which form an identifier. It would be nice if the "word" movements (b, w, e) would detect those inner-identifier ...
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