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1 answer

How to have word count exclude bracketed text?

I'm using vim to write documents and trying to get word count to exclude anything that is delimited by brackets, which I use for notes or comments that are not a part of the document. So I don't want ...
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neovim syntax highlight with large files issue

I use neovim 0.4.3. When I open a large xml file (about 130-140k lines) syntax highlighting switches off with a message: 'redrawtime' exceeded, syntax highlighting disabled If add this line to my ...
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5 answers

How do you navigate large source files with VIM?

First, I'm not asking about performance. I'm looking for something that will help me, mentally, get into large C source code files that I'm not yes accustomed to. Take for example readelf.c. This file ...
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Viewer for Markdown/MathJax rich text editing in vim/neovim?

Problem Statement Currently I use VIM in a terminal to write code. All my notes are on Microsoft Word 365, which I have been using for a long while. I tried using markdown recently, used VIM to ...
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Scrivener for Vim?

I really enjoy the workflow in Scrivener, but I don't like the non-vim nature of it. Is there a good alternative plugin for vim that let's you manage documents in a similar way? I'm most interested in ...
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5 votes
1 answer

What are the methods of speeding up parsing of a big file using Ex?

I did recently some performance test where I've created artificially 1GB of random text file by: $ hexdump -C /dev/urandom | rev | head -c1G | pv > file which has around 13mln of lines starting ...
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1 answer

Can vimdiff show large files beyond screenful limits at once?

I'd like to diff large files in vim using the scrollback limit set in my terminal (which is available memory), so I can, if necessary, find and review previously applied changes. I use OS X's ...
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matchadd makes vim slow with large files

In my vimrc I have this line : call matchadd('ColorColumn', '\%81v', 100) It colors the 81th column in a subtle grey background so I can track my line length : (see the l and the f) I found out ...
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68 votes
5 answers

How can I open very large files with good performance?

I have server log files that are several gigabytes in size (on Ubuntu). When I attempt to open them, the terminal locks up for a minute or so while the file is loaded into Vim. Is there a way to ...
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How do I deal with very long lines in text (500+ characters)?

For some text formats, line breaks matter. For example, I often use Vim to write MediaWiki documents, where you can't just put a linebreak anywhere (unlike Markdown). So I'm forced to write lines ...
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