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Questions tagged [jumplist]

Questions about the manipulation of the jump list. The jump list remembers the previous jumps and allows the user to navigate in the buffer to the location of the previous modifications.

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Pressing CTRL-O twice is required to return to previous entry in jumplist

When I start vim and I want to return to the last location in the jump list, I would like to do so with a single <C-O>. However, right now I have to press twice <C-O><C-O> to achieve ...
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How do I show the jumps list permanently in a window?

As the title says, is there a way to view the jumps list opened in a permanent window? The question is also valid for registers list.
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Put previous jump location in other buffer

I have multiple interesting buffers in my jumplist, but I would like to view two of them side-by-side. How would you do that? That's the general case of this question. In my particular case, it is ...
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