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How to jump to location of completion from another file?

In Vim, oftens I happen to be using some completion that vim provides for me in the Ctrl n/Ctrl p menu. If the completion happens to be from some other file, I know that Vim knows where it comes from ...
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Any ideas on how to jump back and forth between a file and its corresponding unit test?

Here's an example of a typical project structure for me: components/a.js components/common/b.js tests/unit/components/a.test.js tests/unit/components/common/b.test.js Notice that inside the /unit ...
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jump to line via letters instead of relative numbers

I currently use relative numbers to jump from my current line to another one. But since typing letters is easier then numbers, i wanted to know if there is a way to replace the line numbers with ...
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Jumping to matching angle brackets in heavily templated C++ code

By heavily templated I mean it's easy to have something like this, which is a trivial example I made up: #include <type_traits> class a {}; bool operator<(a,a) { return true; }; bool b = std::...
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Go to end of last pasted region

Sometimes `] works, but not after inserting some new text somewhere. How can I jump to the end (and/or start) of the last region of text I pasted with some variant of p? `] does not work here: vim --...
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