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Inconsistent string handling [duplicate]

I've been assembling strings in vimscript using a . as the join command. But when I try and use the same command to join a string when setting an option, such as: :setlocal foldtext=v:folddashes . &...
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How to join multiple lines which doesn't include space at the end

I'm working on a subtitle document (.srt) which has thousand of lines. But this issue is not about the subtitle documents, I going to export as plain text to read after. To see the dialogs line by ...
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Remove blank lines appearing between non-blank lines without a regex?

What is the quickest way to un-doublespace in Vim, without using a regex? I.e., convert line one <emptyline> line two <emptyline> line three to line one line two line three There's gotta ...
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combining multiple lines [duplicate]

I have a text file of X ips and X files that looks like: ip1 ip2 ip3 some_dir/file1 some_dir/file2 some_dir/file3 I'd like to combine the lines into a csv format, like: ip1,some_dir/file1 ip2,...
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How to only join lines that start with multiple spaces

what is the global command that will join lines that start with more than one space? I have tried this but it does not work as expected: :g/ \{2,}//J Example: I want to turn this: 01:001:001 In the ...
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Join contiguous lines of natural text and leave adjacent, non-connected lines

I would like to join all lines in a file which are continuous parts of some natural language but not back-to-back lines which are two separate entities. For example: Join: There was once a man called ...
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Joining lines on Vim removes random characters [duplicate]

I have just noticed on my version of Vim (vim-tiny package on FreeBSD) VIM - Vi IMproved 8.2 (2019 Dec 12, compiled Jul 5 2021 16:53:06) Included patches: 1-3081 Compiled by root@130amd64-quarterly-...
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Join multiple lines based on pattern

I have text bounded by quotes as follows "This is an example of some text" I want to join these into one line. e.g. "This is an example of some text" I have tried commands like ...
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Paste a block-copy into a single line

I need to restructure a markdown table, and for that, I wish there was a quick way to "join" lines from a multi-line cell. So with Vim, I would have to yank the block (Ctrl-v), and then ...
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Is it possible to ignore J if only one line is selected?

Today I made a macro that involved selecting a few lines to join. The problem was that sometimes I only selected parts of one line and in this case two lines was still joined with J. Is it possible to ...
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How to join lines within a block with `J`?

I want to join all the lines within a {} block. { 'a': 1, 'b': 2, 'c': 3, } ⬇︎ { 'a': 1, 'b': 2, 'c': 3, } Since J doesn't take a range, like d or c, the best command I found to do this is ...
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use J to join comments

Imagine I have comments // line one // line two and I am on line one and want to join it with line two I will press J but that results in this: // line one // line two Instead of what I want // ...
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Vim: Foldtext contain all content, instead of only the first line

Would like to have all content of the folded block, instead of only the first line. My current foldsettings are: set foldmethod=marker set foldmarker={,} Example how my data is structured: { ...
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Prepend line underneath current line (or "join" to front of line)

I'd like to prepend the line below the current line to the current line. In other words, I want to "join" (like with J in normal mode) but instead of putting the line below the current line at the end ...
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Preventing the join() command from adding extra space

I am trying to use the join command to join multiple strings. The join command seems to add one character of space in between each of the strings. But I don't want any space added. As an example, I'm ...
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Why are my bulleted lines automatically joining?

I use the a formatoption to make my text hard wrap, and the n formatoption to recognize numbered lists. The help says that the n option should use the formatlistpat regex to determine which lines not ...
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How do I remove newlines inside arbitrary xml tags matching a pattern?

I'm working with large xml files that have tags, and some are spread across multiple lines, and some are on a single line. I'd like them to all be on a single line. There are other tags in the files ...
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Join the line above the current line

I often use J to join the current line with the one below: J Join [count] lines, with a minimum of two lines. Remove the indent and insert up to two ...
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substitute a join for a character that ends a line

when pasting from a pdf document, words in the original document are being split up, and replaced by a - and a line break. For example: alternative specifications. In con- clusion, these findings ...
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