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7 votes
2 answers

How to start an async function in Vim 8?

I've known that Vim 8 provides us an async mechanism job_start so that we can start a command asynchronously and get its return with the help of channel. However, it seems that job_start can only ...
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7 votes
1 answer

prevent line wrap in terminal buffer

I can easily see the output of a command in a split using vim's terminal For example, I use :vertical terminal make re a lot. This example is also stated in the help (h :terminal): Or to run build ...
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7 votes
1 answer

job_start() command only works with seemingly random job options

I am getting some unexpected behavior when trying to run the zip shell command using Vim's job_start(). As an example, suppose I have two images (im1.png and im2.jpg) in the directory /home/username/...
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1 answer

Vim Script: How to pass Varargs to a lambda in timer_start

I'm configuring my vim with Vim Script. I have set my own custom grep function as below: function! CustomGrepCore(...) if a:0 == 0 " do something else if a:0 == 1 " ...
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0 answers

How to flush job output in vim8?

Trying to do something with job output in exit_cb or close_cb, but it's all buffered, how to flush it. e.g.: function! s:exit_cb(job, status) echom getbufline(s:bufnr, '$') endfunction function! s:...
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