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Questions about the different options that vim can take from the shell and the different commands to start the editor.

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indenting with ':g' command not working from the command line

When I need to work with some scrambled javascript/json code, one of my first steps is to introduce proper line breaks, followed by proper brace based indentation. For the later, I found the following ...
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calling vim with mpiexec says "Warning: Output is not to a terminal / Warning: Input is not from a terminal"

My question is a bit technical. For specific reason, I need to call vim after mpiexec. Example : mpiexec -n 1 vim mytext.txt But this gives the following warning message: Vim: Warning: Output is not ...
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Ex - silent mode won't read commands from a file when stdin is redirected

I'm starting vim in Ex mode, silent mode, on Windows 10, in a standard command prompt window. I'm trying to re-direct stdin from a file. I'm using the terminal version of vim 8.2.2824. It doesn't ...
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Check if any vi process is editing a file, or swapfile exists?

I'm writing a script to ensure that everything I work on on my system is committed, pushed to Git etc. I'd also like to check if there are any vim swapfiles active (either in a running Vim, or from ...
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