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Questions about techniques to input text other than what is literally labelled on keycaps on a keyboard

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How does the dialog for W11 work?

If I edit a file outside of a Vim session, then go back to the Vim session, I get this nice message: W11: Warning: File "~/.vimrc" has changed since editing started See ":help W11" ...
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Stenography (Plover) integration

I use Vim for academic writing and my preferred writing method is using stenography with Plover. Is there any initiative to integrate Stenography/Plover into Vim? Currently, I am switching keyboards ...
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How to handwrite with onscreen samsung keyboard on vim?

I am using J6+ samsung hp. I can handwritte with samsung onscreen keyboard on all social media platforms, but on vim I can't. Why not? Is there a workaround? I need to write certain asian words that I ...
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rewrite selection using keymap

Is it possible to replace already typed text with the same string parsed by a keymap loaded with :set keymap? For example, assuming there is a keymap that translates SYM_GROUND into the unicode ⏚ ...
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Ex command to put value of variable into terminal emulator?

Using a terminal emulator (with :term), I would like to insert the value of a variable at the terminal cursor. In a normal text buffer, I could use put =g:my_variable or exec ("normal! i" . g:...
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Control (or respond to) Input Method on Mac OS?

Occasionally, I need to edit text in Chinese, and the input method I use makes it extremely tedious to do so with vim. Each time I want to leave insert mode, I have to <C-]> (to return to normal ...
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How do I "draw" a buffer from scratch in an efficient manner?

I am writing a small plugin to manage my address book (the actual plugin interfaces with the abook program). I use a special buffer (nofile) and I redraw the entire buffer each time something changes....
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greek_polytonic keymap file not working

Is anyone using this keymap file with success? I get only Latin output after following the instructions.
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Test `.in` files in Java program

I have a folder with some input files (text files with extention .in). In same folder, I have made a Java program. I want to test the input of all the input files in this Java program. In a GUI, I ...
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readline: inputrc vi keys, ipython and the del key [closed]

I have the following .inputrc: set editing-mode vi set keymap vi-command set show-all-if-ambiguous on set completion-ignore-case on In bash when I type following (in insert mode!) as an example, # ...
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Use ISO Level3/5 as modifier in vim keymap?

I've been using the pseudo keymap solution from my previous question to great effect for 6 months now. The short version is that it allows me to keep the computer keyboard map in my usual Programmer's ...
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What is the easiest way to insert Unicode characters into a document?

When writing documents occasionally I want to insert Unicode characters into the text. Sometimes I know the character code and sometimes I look it up on the web. Currently I go to insert mode and ...
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What is the easiest way to insert en dash in Vim?

To insert an en dash, I use ^v u 2014 which is seven keypresses. Is there an easier way? (I was looking at digraphs and didn't find en dash there.)
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