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Alternatives to traditional keyboards and mouse-like pointing devices

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Stenography (Plover) integration

I use Vim for academic writing and my preferred writing method is using stenography with Plover. Is there any initiative to integrate Stenography/Plover into Vim? Currently, I am switching keyboards ...
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How to restart vim in the state it is?

So i am using abduco. I have an abduco session and lets say I reattach to it at a later point. Then, for some reason, I am not able to move around in vim. Specifically the mouse and the keys stop ...
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What are some ways vim's interface could accommodate small-screen and touch-screen devices? [closed]

First, I propose that this question be made into a community wiki--can a mod please do this. Next, I'd like to keep answers focused on one of two related but distinct themes: (a) how vim translates ...
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Can I use Vi or Vim with screen readers and/or Braille devices?

Can I use Vi or Vim with screen readers and/or Braille devices? If so, how would I go about it? Does it require any special setup?
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Does any solution exist to use vim from touch screen?

Actually, I hit this problem when I used ssh from my android phone to log in into a linux server, and I tried to use vim to edit some files. It was a little bit... displeasing, although I could do ...
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