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Does vim-easymotion only work in neovim?

I was wondering if the easymotion-overwin was compatible with vim, or does it only works in neovim? I have my .vimrc's keymaps setup like this for easy-motion "----- Easy-Motion ----- map <...
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E5113: Error while calling lua chunk: vim/_meta.lua:0: Invalid option (not found): 'data_dir'

I am using neovim config from custom directory and also want that it stores its data in custom directory. So i set this in my ~/.config/nvimcustom/init.lua : vim.opt.data_dir = '~/.local/share/...
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How do I set floatterm plugin in Neovim such that F5 compile javascript and how do I do it for other languages?

I plugged float-term plugin , that open terminal window in neovim. when I compile javascript with node in float term I did like :FloatermNew node % then it compiles fine and show me the output in ...
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