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Neovim: Converting Vimscript Terminal Functions to Lua

Author: @mizlan Source: This code adds charm to neovim integrated terminal. For cpp programs, I have these: F9 compile, F10 run, F12 ...
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E5113: Error while calling lua chunk: vim/_meta.lua:0: Invalid option (not found): 'data_dir'

I am using neovim config from custom directory and also want that it stores its data in custom directory. So i set this in my ~/.config/nvimcustom/init.lua : vim.opt.data_dir = '~/.local/share/...
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Is there a popular config for Neovim? [closed]

I found a lot of repositories in Github about init.vim like amix vimrc but I couldn't find anything about init.lua. Do you know some repository? I think many of people still using Vim.
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How to start a swank server with slimv?

I installed slimv in my init file like this: Plug 'kovisoft/slimv' call Plug#end() .... let g:slimv_swank_cmd = '~/.local/share/nvim/plugged/slimv/slime/start-swank.lisp' But when i open a .lisp ...
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On Linux system, init.lua and/or init.vim are not sourced automatically

On a VoidLinux system my init.lua (or init.vim) are not being read. nvim foo # init.lua not read nvim -u ~/.config/nvim/init.lua foo # init.lua is read fine The files are in the correct place: ❯ tree ...
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How to find LUA method for VIM Command

I am in the process of converting my .vimrc to init.lua. Several of my lines end up containing vimscript inside a call to vim.cmd, such as vim.cmd("highlight Normal guibg=none ctermbg=none") ...
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Can you reload init.vim in-place in a way that gets rid of old keybindings?

Is it possible to reload init.vim without quitting Vim (Neovim in my particular case, but I don't think it should be different)? All the answers to this question that I've found here just say to re-...
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How can I re-run my init.lua?

If I'm making changes in my init.lua file, is there anyway to have those changes reflect in my current copy of Neovim without restarting the editor? Not limited to mappings, but is there something ...
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How do I change my language in my init.lua? - neovim

I've got the problem that the neovim language is set to German for some reason even though I only use a German keyboard layout (see this question). Unfortunately I am using lua for configuring neovim (...
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how to deduplicate packpath / runtimepath?

Problem: I noticed that my "&packpath" has some duplicates, I want to remove them. What I have tried: My viml knowledge is not very strong but I did manage to create a unique "List&...
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Does vim-easymotion only work in neovim?

I was wondering if the easymotion-overwin was compatible with vim, or does it only works in neovim? I have my .vimrc's keymaps setup like this for easy-motion "----- Easy-Motion ----- map <...
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Lightlin background colors not displaying in MacOS Terminal

Background colors in the status line (and elsewhere in vim) are not displaying. This may be because I am using someone else's Lightline config, but it looks quite different to what I am seeing. My ...
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Vim-Plug uses wrong directory for plugins

I decided to switch from vim to neovim on a new system. I downloaded nvim, copied my .vimrc to ~/.config/nvim/init.vim and installed vim-plug to ~/.config/nvim/autoload/. At the start of my init.vim I ...
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2 answers

Where is "~/.config/nvim/init.vim" on Windows? [duplicate]

I just download Neovim & I'm trying to configure it following a tutorial, but I can't find the path $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/nvim/init.vim or ~/AppData/Local/nvim/init.vim. I don't know if a have to ...
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How do I set floatterm plugin in Neovim such that F5 compile javascript and how do I do it for other languages?

I plugged float-term plugin , that open terminal window in neovim. when I compile javascript with node in float term I did like :FloatermNew node % then it compiles fine and show me the output in ...
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Why won't vim source my ftplugin_after.vim file?

I have a file called ~/.config/nvim/after/ftplugin_after.vim, which contains set incsearch ignorecase smartcase number relativenumber autoindent shiftwidth=8 tabstop=8 softtabstop=8 expandtab ...
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How to reload neovims init.vim without restarting neovim [duplicate]

When I search for this I get a lot of information about reloading the vimrc, but not so much about reloading neovims init.vim. My question is - having edited the init.vim file, how I can reload this ...
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