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How to search standard library files in languages without include expressions?

vim-apathy advertises the many possibilities of :h include-search. However, if the programming language under consideration (here GAP), does not have include expressions but the interpreter always ...
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How do I make include find more than one match per line?

Here's an excerpt from a file where aoe(file) should be treated like an import: ["Cyclone" 37 {"Move +0" "Attack +0, aoe(aoes/tri-melee.rkt)" "Consume Air: Instead,...
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How to use 'includeexpr' with relative paths?

Imagine there is a file src/main.js with import like this: import { A } from '_components/A'; And _components/A in turn has export { A } from './B'; I configured includeexpr to expand _ to src so ...
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How to search for vue components with vim's gf?

I want to go to a vue component file. Vue component filenames are written in PascalCase: ExampleComponent.vue In html (or in my case blade.php) the ExampleComponent.vue is instantiated by <example-...
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Includeexpr + substitute not behaving as I would expect

I am using includeexpr and substitute() in a ftplugin to remove a portion of an include string for gf functionality (in twig template files, for the curious), but I get an error instead. Twig ...
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What is an included file in vim?

From the help: i_CTRL-X_CTRL-I CTRL-X CTRL-I Search for the first keyword in the current and included files From Tim Pope's Gitub: [i:...
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"Hard-include" in vim script

I want to: let s:asciiart = ["", "", s:hardinclude(system("command params")), "", ""] where command returns one string with: "art-line-1", "art-line-2", "art-line-3" so I end up with: s:asciiart =...
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Syntax highlighting in consecutive single-line comments

I'd like to have rich syntax highlighting (using, say, markdown syntax) inside (single-line) comments (as is done in Rust). For now, I'm using the following code, which is not satisfactory. syn ...
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How to populate a drop-down list for <C-x><C-i> completion?

I use Static Site Generator | Nikola. Each post has a header like as follows: <!-- .. title: Some interesting title .. slug: some-interesting-title .. date: 2017-01-25 06:32:15 UTC-03:00 .. tags: ...
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Includes in vimrc?

Is it possible to include external files to be sourced in the vimrc file? Is it as simple a matter as just adding source somefile?
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Use [d with ruby functions

I have been reading through the documentation on the [d command, and other related commands. My understanding is that they allow you to search for the definition of the function that's currently under ...
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When editing a ruby file with includes/requires how can I open the file containing the method I am on?

I have a bunch of includes at the top of my file. Then I use methods from the helpers throughout my file. How can I have it so that when my cursor is on a method name my editor can (by some ...
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Configuring include-search for PHP

I just learned of the existence of include-search, but even after reading :help include-searchand :help includeexpr I'm not sure what I need to do to have [I find included and required files. How do ...
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How to jump to the location which [I points to?

I've installed node plugin, which give possibility to display all lines that contain the keyword under the cursor using [I hotkey. It looks like this: Is there possibility to jump to them?
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