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Breaking habits for a better Vim usage.

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Do I need to be a fast typer/power user to start using Vim?

I started learning serious programming since last year. Over the course, I have used various GUI based text editors and IDEs and, I decided to settle with Sublime Text a few months ago. Now I want to ...
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Any recommendations to enforce use of keybindings rather than equivalent command mode commands?

Context: I learned about the :[v]split command long before I learned the shortcuts Ctrl-w+[s|v] and as a result I find myself typing these commands often. Is there a way to break this habit ? (as a ...
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How do I avoid exiting vim to open a new file?

I usually exit vim to open other files, I know it is not productive and I want to avoid it. I want to use netrw instead to open the files I want. Is there any way to prevent me from exiting vim, using ...
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Can Escape be disabled in insert mode?

I'm trying to retrain my fingers to refrain from using Escape so often. Can I disable Escape when I'm in insert mode, leaving just Control+[ and Control+C as the only ways to return to normal mode? ...
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