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Why is there an ftplugin directory for each plugin?

I am trying to get started with VimTeX. I am reading through a guide ( and using vim-plug to manage plugins. I am very new to Vim generally, ...
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How to have placeholder text when Opening some filetypes

I would like to have a reminder of my mappings when I open say tex files. Idealy I would like something like the vim screen that shows vim version and stuff but I don't think that gonna be possible/...
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BufReadPre only with vimdiff OR regex to ignore

I am trying to ignore hardcoded line numbers when running vimdiff on files. The regex ^\s*\d\+: properly identifies all the line numbers (which are only on some lines, not all lines). So far I've ...
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Filetype inheritance

I know that it's not very common, but there are few cases in which I would really like to inherit the configurations for one filetype in another. Example: whatever I set for sh I would like to inherit ...
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