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Questions tagged [ftplugin]

Questions about the creation, usage and debugging of filetype plugins.

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Neovim vim.g.ftplugin_sql_omni_key = 0 not working

I am trying to edit an sql file in neovim. However the ftplugin/sql.vim (which I cant even find) sets some keybindings that start with <C-c> which is my <ESC> key. I want searched the ...
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Setting guard variables does not prevent default ftplugin/syntax/indent files from running

I want to prevent the default ftplugin/syntax/indent files from running for tex files. I have a tex.vim in the $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/nvim/ftplugin directory, i confirmed it runs before the default ftplugin/...
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Filetype inheritance

I know that it's not very common, but there are few cases in which I would really like to inherit the configurations for one filetype in another. Example: whatever I set for sh I would like to inherit ...
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