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How to overwrite ftdetect from a plugin loaded with lazy?

I am using ansible.vim I am loading it with lazy: return { 'pearofducks/ansible-vim', } and this is the configuration I have for ansiblels: ["ansiblels"] = function() ...
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How can I avoid built-in filetype detection?

I have a plugin for detecting and syntax highlighting *.k - source files in a given programming language. My ~/.vimrc contains only: se nocp rtp+=~/k/vim-k " the language plugin sy on And ...
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ftdetect, ftplugin not working as advertised -- what am I missing?

I've been reading documentation and trying experiments to register a new filetype in vim, and apply desired indentation rules -- all to no avail. As an example, say I want to register *.test as ...
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Setting ftdetect a given directory

I'm looking for a way to set filetype on load, a loading phase via ftdetect. Right now I can open the files inside a given directory via some utility function that I wrote, and during the opening ...
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How to do file type detection based on file contents (e.g. a certain shebang line)?

I have created a few scripts in .vim/ftdetct to e.g. detect the filetype of sshconfig files based on their filename: autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile ~/.ssh/host-* setfiletype sshconfig Now, how can I make ...
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Is it possible to override the filetype of a text file based on the first line?

I have some specifically formatted text files that I'd like to detect when I start vim. When I load these files now, the filetype is automatically set to text. I only want to override that if the ...
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Why are files in after/ftplugin/ run on every save, and can I work around it?

I have a variety of vimscripts for different filetypes in ~/.vim/after/ftplugin, e.g. text.vim, vim.vim, etc. These contain a variety of settings, mappings, etc. Only recently, I've noticed (not sure ...
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