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Using a single carret character as the fold character in Neovim using Lua

I am using Neovim v0.9.5 and configured this editor using Lua. I'm searching for a way of using a single caret down (▾) character for folds. Here is what is currently used by Neovim by default. ** ...
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Separating adjacent folds created with foldexpr

So, context: I'd like to use foldexpr to fold by indentation, but including the start and end lines (that are not indented). For example: function TestFunction(args) statements ... end Would ...
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Is there a recommended way to recompute folds every time a buffer is changed in Neovim?

According to the documentation, the only command that recompute folds is the zx command. However, the problem is that zx automatically undoes all manually opened or closed folds. If I have a bunch of ...
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Foldtext not making any difference to text displayed in closed fold

I changed the value of the foldtext option to change the text displayed in a fold, and it made no difference. I have a short file in which I defined a manual fold containing two lines, with the ...
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