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gf with search pattern instead of line number

vim file +80 will open file in vim, with cursor at line 80 vim file +/if/ will open file in vim, with cursor at first line containing if. For vim file +80, inside vim, there is gF. The question: ...
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Why is filetype not set after :find from autocmd?

Objective I want vi file to act like :find file if file doesn't exist. That is, I want to be able to edit a file by name, without giving a path to the file, from the command line: mkdir -p a/b/c ...
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How to jump to location of completion from another file?

In Vim, oftens I happen to be using some completion that vim provides for me in the Ctrl n/Ctrl p menu. If the completion happens to be from some other file, I know that Vim knows where it comes from ...
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:find cannot find file in 'path' which command-line can see

Suppose the directory tree looks like this: rootdir ├── data │ └── file.txt └── data2 └── file2.txt When Vim is launched at rootdir and configured with :set path=data*, it is unable to :find ...
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