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Questions about the yaml file type.

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How to use different comment string for yaml blocks inside markdown files?

Many markdown implementations allow for a leading yaml configuration block like so: --- title: "My title" date: 2023-12-29 --- ## Heading Some markdown text With the vim commentary plugin,...
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Additional filetypes for different types of yaml files

Is it possible to create additional subcategories of filetypes? For example, it would be great if (neo)vim could pick up that the yaml file I'm editing is acutally a Kubernetes yaml file and set the ...
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YAML / YML unwanted auto-formatting

YAML / YML unwanted auto-formatting The last days I made some configuration improvements of my vim environment, e.g. I installed vim-polyglot and coc and removed duplicated plugins within my vim-plug ...
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Is there a plugin to support simple navigation in yaml?

I've been unable to find plugin support for simple navigation to "next/previous with same indentation" (e.g [[ and ]]) in yaml. I have folding supported, but I'd like to navigate without ...
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Trouble sourcing YAML syntax highlighting

I'm doing some Ansible work (on RHEL 8), so I want the YAML configs for vim. I have a yaml.vim file containing the syntax/etc, and a ~/.vimrc file: autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead *.yaml,*.yml so ~/.vim/...
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How to autoformat a multi-line string

I want to format a multiline string according to a textwidth of 32. group: - normal: scalar - multiline: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor ...
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How do I make the yaml indent not indent lists?

OK so I would like to change the way that my yaml gets indented. Right now my vim indents a yaml list like this: list: - this - is - a list dict: this: is a dict I would like it to indent ...
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Working with yaml literal-blocks in vim?

I'm trying to work with indenting yaml in vim, and I'm trying to convert it to JSON. Say I have a file like this: --- foo: bar baz: - qux - quxx corge: null grault: 1 garply: true ...
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How to show the current location in a yaml hierarchy

When working with larger or rather deeply nested yaml files (Hi Rails), it happens quickly that I loose sight of where I am with regards to the indentation hierarchy of the file. A very simple ...
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