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Questions about the typescript file type.

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Cannot set g:ale_fixers in ALE config on vim

I'm trying to config ALE in my vim and can't config the fixers, them aren't showing on ALEInfo. I'm setting the config for typescript files (with and without react) with prettier and eslint. What i'm ...
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TypeScript: ale vs tsuquyomi?

Ale and tsuquyomi both seem to be Vim Language Servers that can interface with tsserver. Because ale supports multiple languages, is there any reason to use tsuquyomi moving forward? I'm an old time ...
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TypeScript LSP Not Reading tsconfig.json

I am almost certain that I have a mistake in my Neovim configuration... The Neovim ~/.config/nvim directory I'm using is: I've created an ...
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Display LSP suggestions for TypeScript TSConfig files with Neovim & nvim-lspconfig using jsonls

I'm using Neovim with the nvim-lspconfig plugin and for some projects, it would be great to have the TypeScript suggestions for JSON files such as TSConfig, but even though I'm not working with them ...
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How can I configure NeoVim to use different language servers for different directories of the same project?

This is my folder structure: project back (backend files written for deno) front (frontend files where I use esbuild) contract (interface files used both in back and in front) deno.jsonc (for deno) ...
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Missing LSP diagnostics from XO via null-ls for TypeScript

I have been using the same Neovim config on my desktop and laptop computers for a while now (it's actually based on LazyVim, but I can reproduce the issue without it as well) without any problems. Now ...
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How do I organize imports with `tsserver` using Neovim LSP?

I'm using Neovim 0.9 and lsp-zero to edit Typescript files. tsserver has an organize imports feature. How do I map that back through LSP to a user-defined key? Basically, I'd like to add a new ...
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