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Questions about the typescript file type.

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How can I copy the contents of an error message in NeoVim

I'm using TSServer with LSPConfig to provide in-line typechecking with NeoVIM. Is there a way for me to grab the value of a given type error message? Especially to my system clipboard?
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How do I organize imports with `tsserver` using Neovim LSP?

I'm using Neovim 0.9 and lsp-zero to edit Typescript files. tsserver has an organize imports feature. How do I map that back through LSP to a user-defined key? Basically, I'd like to add a new ...
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Getting syntax file to load for typescriptreact files

I am very likely missing something very obvious, for I am very new to the vim world. The effect I intended to achieve was to mimic the Inline Fold extension for vscode using vim's Conceal. In short, I'...
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Typescript import type modifier syntax highlighing is not working

Typescript 4.5 introduced import type modifiers. So we can do import { someFunc, type BaseType } from "./some-module.js"; export class Thing implements BaseType { someMethod() { ...
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TypeScript: is it possible to see errors not in one line?

Now I have this: Sometimes errors are big, and in order to see them clearly - I run tsc to see this: Also, is it possible to see a type name, but not a fields enumeration? I use ALE and tsuquyomi.
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Cannot set g:ale_fixers in ALE config on vim

I'm trying to config ALE in my vim and can't config the fixers, them aren't showing on ALEInfo. I'm setting the config for typescript files (with and without react) with prettier and eslint. What i'm ...
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TypeScript: ale vs tsuquyomi?

Ale and tsuquyomi both seem to be Vim Language Servers that can interface with tsserver. Because ale supports multiple languages, is there any reason to use tsuquyomi moving forward? I'm an old time ...
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See inferred type of a variable in typescript?

Vim is my main editor but for typescript it's hard to see what the inferred type of a variable is. Whether it is a complex type or just a simple one, it'd be great to see the typescript inferred type ...
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