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Questions tagged [filetype-scss]

Questions abou the scss file type.

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2 answers

Are there color variables for various programming languages? [closed]

I know, in Vim I can get a list with variables for color themes with the command :hi. But there are not the programming languages I need. Is there a way to get specific color variables for JavaScript, ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Syntax coloring is inaccurate for HTML files with CSS code in it

As you can see in the following screencast, when I open an HTML file with some CSS in it, there's some part of the file which does not show syntax coloring. Do you have experience of this? Is it ...
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0 answers

Vim formatting in css

I am having a very difficult time formatting css in an html file. For example, here is how vim 'thinks' it should be formatted: That is, after the above css section, it gives it 8 indentations (??), ...
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Automatically create files based on expanding snippets?

when developing for web (in Vim) I'm always using the BEM methodology. I have identified that I always go through the same steps when adding a new block element, and I'm looking for ways to automate ...
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Why emmet.vim don't expand CSS abbreviation?

To input w100p and ctrl+y+, or w100p and tab,w100p can't expand into width: 100%. No snippets.json file found with command find / -name 'snippets.json',is it the reason? snippets.json can ...
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0 answers

How to show a list of SCSS rules in vim?

Is there any good outliner for SCSS files in Vim? Or alternatively, is it possible to fold SCSS classes such that the inner classes would be visible as well?
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