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Questions tagged [filetype-rust]

Question about the rust filetype and the rust support in Vim

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Rust analyser in neovim is underlining almost all words red in working code

I recently started to use nvim. I was doing a web API in rust using actix and I was faced with these red underlines in words that are neither misspelled words or errors, as the code runs just fine. I ...
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1 answer

Simplest setup for nvim and rust and system rust-analyzer

All the tutorials that I found to use nvim with rust-analyzer either suggest using Packer (which is unmaintained since August), vim plugin managers (I really want to avoid anything vimscript, it's ...
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1 answer

Multiline context errors

Sometimes I see multiline popup-base errors in screencasts like the one below: Would anyone point me with a term or something to google it, as my ideas don't work for some reason? Here's configs of ...
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