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Validate and autocomplete JSON by schema

I've got a project with some relatively complicated .json file structure, and it's kind of pain to recall this structure, when I always need to reference another files to do it right. So I try to ...
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How to disable JSON error highlighting on the current line?

Problem I find the error highlighting really distracting, its not that I don't want it because it is really useful for spotting errors in JSON syntax, but, I really dislike that it highlights new ...
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How to make VIM json syntax highlight more readable

Using VIM 8.1 in Ubuntu 20.04.02. ~/.vimrc has syntax on. The file /usr/share/vim/vim81/syntax/json.vim exists. While the syntax highlight for YAML file is comparable between VIM and Visual Studio ...
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Fold swagger verb properties

I have to edit regularly swagger JSON files to add a x-amazon-apigateway-integration property, files looks like: { "openapi": "3.0.0", "info": { "version&...
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JSON quotes not hiding and I *want* them to

TL;DR What I Want: JSON files to hide their double quotes (") until I enter insert mode on a line, in which event the quotes reappear. I had this behavior on another machine, but I cannot replicate ...
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Format sparse json files for legibility

Situation I have a large, hierarchical json file with many single entries, like so: { "tokens": [ "payload, a string" ], "...
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sort json content in terraform file

I'm trying to sort following json that is inside of terraform file. I'd like to sort it alphabetically by "name" value (ENV->PORT->USERNAME): { "name": "PORT", "value": ...
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How to format JSON file in Vim

Given a file with a large JSON object all on one line like {"versions":[{"count":2,"version":""},{"count":1,"version":"1.1.1"},{&...'s user avatar
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How to see very large gziped json file in linux using vi

I have a gzip multiline json file that when unzipped takes few GB of data. Each line is a stand-alone JSON object. How can I quickly see it's content in a stream way?
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Is there a VIM plugin available to add JSONPath / jq / JMESPath path searching?

I have a large JSON file that I am largely familiar with, but I have to jump around the file in VIM quite a bit and tweak options and such. I was wondering if there is a VIM plugin available that ...
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Cut a regex matching line and paste it at another line

I am trying to edit a json file, and I need to take out the lines starting and ending with {% and %} respectively and move them to the beginning of the file. I need to do it at different places in a ...
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Make zC close only current and nested folds

How can I make zC fold only the current fold and the ones underneath? now it closes all outer folds. For example, something like this will result in all brackets closing, while I would like to have ...
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