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Cannot set g:ale_fixers in ALE config on vim

I'm trying to config ALE in my vim and can't config the fixers, them aren't showing on ALEInfo. I'm setting the config for typescript files (with and without react) with prettier and eslint. What i'm ...
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Javascript syntax-highlight for JsDoc comments

I now use plugin vim-javascript just to have a nice syntax highlight for JsDoc comments in my Javascript files. vim-javascript provides nice colors highlight but it conflict with all parentheses ...
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Smart and auto indent not indenting as expected for JSX

I'm trying to figure out how to get vim to correctly indent the next line in a JSX block. Currently when I press enter, the cursor goes slightly behind where it should be. In the example below, my ...
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Why does the syntax foldmethod not work even though syntax highlighting works?

Started editing a JavaScript file, did :set filetype=javascript (correct syntax highlighting kicked in), then set foldmethod=syntax, and naively expected that folding should automatically work, but ...
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Unable to use conceal with vim-javascript plugin

editor: NVIM v0.4.3 I have the following syntax file at ~/.config/nvim/after/syntax/javascript.vim syntax clear javaScriptFunction syntax match javaScriptFunction /\<module.exports\>/ ...
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Expanding region/selection for javascript

is there a way to configure (or any other plugin) to work with js,jsx,ts,tsx files? I'm new to vim, I'm not sure what to do. The mentioned plugin is not ...
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Neovim highlight syntax region inside typescript tagged template literal

I am having trouble fixing a syntax plugin for Vim. I've found a bug in a plugin that has not been touched in a fair amount of time. I want to address it myself but I believe I am lacking in a lot of ...
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Indentation in three piece comments in javascript

I use Vim 7.4.2149 and the plugin pangloss/vim-javascript for js indentation. I need to get comments like: /* * */ But instead I get: /* * * */ I'm not really interested in syntax ...
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Using single quotes blows up syntax formatting in .js

Just noticed that using single quotes in javascript blows up automatic formatting sometimes: See the public/sass/*.sass line: Double quotes: gulp.task('compile-sass', function(){ gulp .src("...
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Strange auto indent in Javascript in HTML

When writing Javascript in HTML, vim insists on autoindenting like this: if( dur.match(/:/) ) { let xs = dur.split(":") if( xs.length > 3 ) ...
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How to disable tsserver check on JS file

I am a newbie to neovim, so please bear with me. I am using Mason to configure my LSP servers. For Javascript I use tsserver. However I am getting error/hint 'Could not find declaration file for ...
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How can I easily configure my Neovim to provide a vs code like javascript, html & CSS autocomplete, intellisence & highlighting?

I am new to Neovim & overwhelmed by the extremely huge number of ways to configure it, which take hours & have no surity of working for me, as I am using Neovim on my Android via termux (for ...
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Can't input dot and method in html?

Here is the test.html file which in editing status: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title></title> </...
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Let .js files be recognized as .jsx files?

I just figured out how to combine those creepy plugins to work together to achieve the following auto-indent: before / after pressing o: But then this only works on file extension .jsx as shown above,...
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