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Question about the git file type.

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How do I position cursor according to filetype (gitcommit)?

Sometimes on start, the cursor is not at the top in gitcommit buffers. I assume that this is because it wasn't on the first line the last time I exited a gitcommit buffer and the position was saved in ...
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How fugitive-specific is the 'git' filetype?

When you run fugitive's :Gblame, it opens a buffer whose 'filetype' is fugitiveblame. You can hit q to close its window. You can also hit o to view the commit for the line your cursor is on in a ...
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How to get git diff in vim when writing a commit message?

This may be a weird question, because I already have this setup in my dotfiles somewhere, I just don't know how to tell a friend to set it up in their dotfiles. I want to know how to get a nice git ...
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Warning when opening commit message with Neovim

I've been using Neovim for a few days with no problem, so I decided to switch my git config to use Neovim instead of vim. Here's what I put in my global .gitconfig: [core] editor = nvim And here'...
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Why does Vim force programming indentation when in "gitcommit" filetype?

I found that when I am using Vim to compose git commit messages (which I have been doing for a very long time now) that there are occasionally some quirks. For example today I wrote a commit message ...
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