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3 answers

How do I add skeleton text to new vim files?

I use Vim for writing C++, and I have quite a few #include<> statements, comments, etc. that I must include in each new file I create. I've added autocmd BufNewFile *.cpp r C:\(full file path ...
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14 votes
5 answers

Quick search, limited to a C++ function

I work on a rather large C++ project. One of the more frustrating aspects of its organization is very large functions placed inside ridiculously large files. I often want to search for any instance ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Vim, ctags and overloading

Is there a way to make vim jump to the right matching definition automatically in case of multiple definitions. Our C++ code heavily uses function overloading and vim's handling of ctags does not ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Jumping to start/end of function definition in C++

Is there an easy way to jump to the beginning or end of the function your cursor is currently inside? It doesn't seem like sentence/paragraph/section have useful syntax aware meanings when editing C++....
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4 answers

Can I jump to a function declaration or definition in a multiple C++ source files project?

Can I jump to a function declaration or definition in a multiple C++ source files project? Lets say I have a header file foo.hpp: int bar(); and a source file foo.cpp: #include "foo.hpp" int bar() ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Vim `cpp` Syntax highlighter prematurely ends macros mid-word

NOTE: This question is a "manual migration" from here: My Vim syntax highlighter for ft=cpp is prematurely ending some macros mid-line. For example: (The ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Search and replace, but ignore text in quotes

As a poor-mans refactoring, I'd like to do a search and replace, but omit strings that are in double quotes (C/C++ quoting rules). For example cout << "Some variable " << variable <<...
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1 answer

Understanding indenting rules for C++ files

Why is the following C++ source file indented like this, #include <vector> int main() { std::vector<std::vector<int>> v{ {1,2}, {1,1}, {1,2} };...
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How to change in gvim GTK file browser the default file mask wildcard (glob)?

In gvim the command :browse confirm e launches a GTK file browser. The default file mask in this window depends on the filetype from which the browse window is invoked. I would like to change that ...
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2 answers

How to add <bits/stdc++.h> header file in Clangd installed through Mason (Neovim lua)?

I want to add/expand the Clangd Language server, which I installed through Mason within Neovim, with the standard libraries that come with MinGW (I run windows 11). I'm trying to do CP, and for that I ...
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