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Vim's ex mode is similar to the command line mode which is designed for Batch processing.

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Why does vim ex mode 'print' command insert a space on empty lines?

Take the following example: $ printf "a\n\nb\n" | vim -E -c "%p" -c 'q!' /dev/stdin | hexdump -C 00000000 61 0a 20 0a 62 0a |a. .b.| 00000006 I would not expect that ...
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How does .vimrc relate to ~/.config/nvim/init.lua?

When I heard neovim had a "native language client", I wanted to trying moving it. Previously, I was using a language server loaded through vim-plug. This was always problematic. When I ...
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Is there a way to use ex mode similar to ed, with append only lines and all curses like features disabled?

I'd like to use ex similar to how ed behaves on an old teleprinter, so without ANSI Control sequences and CRT manipulations. This way it would be easier to interact with it from a Braille terminal, ...
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Can I use feedkeys() inside of a keyloop implemented by getchar()

I implemented a fuzzy filter, which accept a list argument, open a window with a scratch buffer whose content set to the list, then waiting for use input and do filtering. Here is why I ask this ...
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How do you end the command when using :c?

When using the ex command change (c), carriage returns become part of the input, so how do you indicate that you are done entering text? (I notice that if I hit the backspace, it finishes the command,...
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