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JsDoc typechecks for JS files in Neovim

Is it possible in Neovim to use JsDoc for typechecking of javascript files? Right now I use default LSP configurations for eslint and tsserver provided by lspconfig: -- init.lua require('lspconfig')....
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Conflicting suggestions on Coc.nvim with Prettier and ESLint

I am working in a team and none are using Vim. Most are use VS Code, and things are working fine for them. However, I have this problem: ticket.additionalNocs.forEach((additionalNoc) => nocs.push(...
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ALE is displaying the errors with ansii escape sequences

I'm facing a strange problem with ALE + eslint and I don't know what is wrong here. Let's say I write this javascript code: async function bootAppli+++cation() { const element = document....
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Cannot set g:ale_fixers in ALE config on vim

I'm trying to config ALE in my vim and can't config the fixers, them aren't showing on ALEInfo. I'm setting the config for typescript files (with and without react) with prettier and eslint. What i'm ...
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How to break-up gutter fights?

There a number of types of plugins use the Vim gutter to display Git status, syntax correctness, linting and code formatting. But how can conflicts be managed when multiple plugins want to update the ...
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How to turn on ale linter for specific files

I have the ale linter installed. it works fine for my php files but for some reason when I started doing typescript, it keeps on giving me these error with the error message indent: space ...
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Ignore lines in errorformat

I am writing a compiler plugin for eslint. It mostly works, but I want to ignore some lines in the output and am unsure how. I'm using the eslint "unix" format, which outputs errors like so: /Users/...
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