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1 answer

need help with vim errorformat to parse multi-line make (gcc) output

I'm struggling to get vim (8.0 (2016 Sep 12)) to parse the output of my build system, and need help with defining my errorformat. The default gcc efm appears to not be matching any lines, so in ...
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1 answer

`errorformat` pattern for multiple messages on same line

I am trying to set errorformat=... so that I can parse errors like the following: error: cannot format /home/user/repo/src/ Cannot parse: 2:5: some source code here error: cannot format /home/...
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2 votes
1 answer

Ignore lines in errorformat

I am writing a compiler plugin for eslint. It mostly works, but I want to ignore some lines in the output and am unsure how. I'm using the eslint "unix" format, which outputs errors like so: /Users/...
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Ignore lines with string in errorformat

I'm writing a GitHub action that creates an annotation for files that would be reformatted when the black python formatter is run. For this, to work, I want to parse the following example output: ...
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How to merge multiple strings in errorformat?

Suppose a source code interpreter outputs the error messages in the following format: M123 Warning path/to/file 123 Description message That is: error_code error_type file line_number message How ...
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Translate file paths in quickfix list

I'm using msys + vim + ninja + MSVC on windows. When building, the quickfix list has errors that use the windows path, ie c:\work\folder\file.cpp Vim handles it ok-ish, it can open the files, but ...
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