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`errorformat` pattern for multiple messages on same line

I am trying to set errorformat=... so that I can parse errors like the following: error: cannot format /home/user/repo/src/ Cannot parse: 2:5: some source code here error: cannot format /home/...
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Ignore lines with string in errorformat

I'm writing a GitHub action that creates an annotation for files that would be reformatted when the black python formatter is run. For this, to work, I want to parse the following example output: ...
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Ignore lines in errorformat

I am writing a compiler plugin for eslint. It mostly works, but I want to ignore some lines in the output and am unsure how. I'm using the eslint "unix" format, which outputs errors like so: /Users/...
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How to merge multiple strings in errorformat

Suppose a source code interpreter outputs the error messages in the following format: M123 Warning path/to/file 123 Description message That is: error_code error_type file line_number message How ...
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