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Questions tagged [encryption]

Vim is able to write files encrypted, and read them back. The encrypted text cannot be read without the right key.

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Password in vim not working any more

I have a password protected file in vim. Yesterday when I tried to open it in vim, got random characters. I tried to open it in vim in different OS (Linux, Windows, MacOS) and different vim versions (...
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libsodium.dll wont load

I have windows 11. vim 9.0 When I write a blowfish encrypted file it gives me this error. It still writes the file and encrypts it even with the error E370: Could not load library libsodium.dll: The ...
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How to encrypt the visual selection?

For e.g. Vim allows g? to run ROT13 on a visual selection. What are the inbuilt (preferably strong like blowfish2) encryption methods available for encrypting only a part of file.
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