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Questions tagged [encryption]

Vim is able to write files encrypted, and read them back. The encrypted text cannot be read without the right key.

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Neovim - Encrypt Files like Vim with :X

Problem I use neovim and I have tried to encrypt my files with :X but then this Error Message comes up: E492: Not an editor command: X Questions Is there any way to do it in neovim like you do it in ...
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Password in vim not working any more

I have a password protected file in vim. Yesterday when I tried to open it in vim, got random characters. I tried to open it in vim in different OS (Linux, Windows, MacOS) and different vim versions (...
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libsodium.dll wont load

I have windows 11. vim 9.0 When I write a blowfish encrypted file it gives me this error. It still writes the file and encrypts it even with the error E370: Could not load library libsodium.dll: The ...
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Execute a shell command over a visual range with a user input prompt?

In my Markdown notes, I would like to: Select a few lines with V Encrypt those lines, externally, with :!gpg Prompt for a password rather than store it, possibly with input() I tried executing over ...
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How do I determine encryption method via command line?

I have files which are encrypted by vim. From the command line, how can I determine which encryption method was used on a given file?
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How to encrypt the visual selection?

For e.g. Vim allows g? to run ROT13 on a visual selection. What are the inbuilt (preferably strong like blowfish2) encryption methods available for encrypting only a part of file.
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Is there a configuration in VIM that can prevent VIM from opening an encrypted file?

Is it possible to configure VIM so that when an attempt is made to edit a file encrypted by VIM, or to encrypt a file, VIM would warn or refuse such action?
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Cannot use gnupg: Error 117

The plugin gnupg ( worked fine until recently where I get the error: # vim myfile.asc Error detected while processing BufReadCmd Autocommands for "*.{gpg,asc,pgp}...
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How to encrypt the .viminfo file and still get Vim to read it?

I love using Vim yet have a lot of very sensitive, encrypted files to edit, sometimes on an unencrypted drive, and can't have any residual information from these files forensically accessible to other ...
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Support of the -x option

I have two Ubuntu Linux 18.04.3 LTS systems, both have vim identify itself as "VIM - Vi IMproved 8.0 (2016 Sep 12, compiled Jun 06 2019 17:31:41)" One of the systems supports the vim -x option, the ...
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Lost an important doc with "vi -x"

Yesterday I decided to encrypt my diary since it has some info that is private. My diary was a plain text doc called diary. There was no file called d so I did the following: $ vi -x d Enter ...
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Open with Neovim files that were encrypted with Vim

It seems I cannot open with Neovim the files I have encrypted with Vim. Neovim just open the files without decrypting them, displaying all those gibberish character sequence. Is it considered normal ?...
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10 votes
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Why does vim complain about weak crypto when using blowfish2?

I opened up a document from 2015 I saved using the built in crypto in vim (:X). That was saves using blowfish at the time. The message I got now (2017) was this: Warning: Using a weak encryption ...
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GnuPG encrypted file editing with Neovim

Is there a way to open a GnuPG encrypted file with neovim so that one can read/edit it and on write the file is re-encrypted? This is possible via vim-gnupg in classic vim but has not been ported to ...
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Why is an autocmd using cryptmethod a better way to prevent Vim from recording events than a separate vimrc?

There is a comment by Carpetsmoker which suggests a way to prevent Vim from recording events for certain filetypes: I would not recommend using a separate vimrc file, for the simple reason that it'...
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6 votes
2 answers

How do I detect I've entered a wrong password when using cryptmethod (and make Vim ask for it again)?

If I encrypt a file with :set cryptmethod=blowfish or :set cryptmethod=blowfish2, and open the file in Vim, it asks for my password on startup. I type in the correct password and continue happily. ...
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How secure is encrypting files with blowfish?

I know using :set cryptmethod=zip is not secure, but how secure is using :set cryptmethod=blowfish? On wikipedia I read that the blowfish cipher, as such, should be secure, but this says nothing about ...
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