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Digraphs is Vim's way to enter characters that cannot be entered by most keyboards.

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Neovim - Search for Digraph

Is there a way to search for Digraphs in Neovim 0.9.1? My Ideas so far: For example somehow using the :digraphs command? In Vim there is for example the :help digraph-table and you can search there ...
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Digraphs Missing for Greek Letters

A co-worker built a version of gvim 9 that I'm running in the two environments below with the differing results: A VM that I have a VNC open to. Here the Greek letter digraphs work great. I'm using ...
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Inserting digraphs but unintentionally holding down CTRL key

In insert mode, I insert digraphs using CTRL-k. For example, I get é by pressing CTRL-k ' e. However, when typing fast, I am often still holding down the CTRL key when I hit the ' key which cause Vim ...
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How to type ê without pressing <C-k> e>

My keyboard layout is set to international american. And to obtain the character ê just press <sfhit+6> e. However, within the vim I need to press <C-k> e>. Is it possible to map <...
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Inserting special characters by character code and by digraphs

I have VIM 8.2 with multi-byte support. I'm new to Vim and currently going through "Practical Vim" by Drew Neil. Tip 17 and Tip 18 talk about inserting special characters with character ...
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Backspace + keypress adds a character of a different language in neovim with neomutt on my mac

I am a user of neomutt and I use neovim as my default editor. However, when I delete a character via backspace, and then type the correct character, I sometimes get a strange character from a ...
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Why does `<C-k> {char1} {char2}` work for digraphs but `{char1} <BS> {char2}?

Based on the documentation of digraphs-use (:help digraphs-use) it should be possible to do both <C-k> {char1} {char2} and {char1} <BS> {char2}, but the second one does nothing and <BS&...
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Enable digraph only for certain characters

I have digraph enabled :set digraph I really like the digraph setting in vim, but I often find it changes my keystrokes to some foreign character without my intention. I can see that there are ...
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How can I remove the default digraphs?

I like Vim’s digraph feature but I find the number of default digraphs overwhelming. Is there a way to clear all of these so that the only digraph definitions are the ones that I created myself (e.g. ...
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How to input full width spacewhite in vim?

In cjk characters set, full width space has the unicode value is U+3000, the english space unicode (half width space) value is U+0020. How to input full width space in Vim?
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i_CTRL-K does not insert digraphs when in Mutt inside tmux

I configured mutt to use vim as an editor to write emails (with set editor=vim in .muttrc), and I have noticed that when I am in tmux (with an empty .tmux.conf), the vim keybinding CTRL-K in insert ...
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How do you make a digraph containing a ¨?

When making a digraph, I can't seem use the ¨ symbol without getting an E39: Number expected. This error is there even when escaping it with a backslash.
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How can I type the alphabetic subscripts?

I want to type the subscript i as follows: What I have tried: I got to know how to type numerial subscripts, by following this documentation. <ctrl-k>[digit]s I search the local help doc (...
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Unicode characters available in shell but not within Vim

I'm using Vim on a machine through SSH with PuTTY. In my shell (bash), I can copy/paste unicode characters, like ‘ ¿ ’ using Shift + Insert and it works as expected. In Vim, within the same shell ...
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Using digraph mode to insert special key codes

I've always thought about digraph mode as a way to quickly insert unicode special or unusual chars into the buffer without copy-pasting things around or changing keyboard layout system-wide. So to ...
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How can I be sure a digraph is not defined by Vim?

I am trying to enter a latin cross (✝, Unicode 271d) into a document. I can't find a pre-defined digraph for this. I am able to enter such a character with <ctrl-v>u271d or I can define a new ...
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