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Questions tagged [crash]

A crash is when a program exits unexpectedly. This is usually (but not always) due to a bug in the software.

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Angular Language server crashes when working on an `nx` project with `nx serve`

The Angular language server in nvim crashes after each automatic rebuild/reload of nx serve. It crashes with Program does not contain "<PROJECT_PATH>/apps/org/src/app/app.component....
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1 answer

Vim crashes when using autocomplete

Some of the times I use YouCompleteMe, Vim 'half-crashes': I cannot continue coding in the current tab, but switching tab and coming back solves the issue. The autocompletion works about 80% of the ...
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Python quit unexpectedly [closed]

When I start vim (homebrew installation, /usr/local/bin/vim), I get the error "Python quit unexpectedly." How do I make python work with my vim? $ which vim /usr/local/bin/vim $ which python /usr/...
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How to debug a segmentation fault?

I assume this is coming from a Vim plugin, but I get no leads on where to look. What's the best way of debugging it? Vim: Caught deadly signal SEGV Vim: Finished. [1] 8119 segmentation fault
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gvim on windows - compiled ycm plugin now crashing on start

I installed the YouCompleteMe(YCM) plugin and compiled it using the provided instructions, one after the other for all options excluding rust. Below is a reproduction of the commands I ran, the reason ...
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13 votes
3 answers

Vim -p: Caught deadly signal SEGV?

I get this problem when I start Vim with -p option. Suppose, I started out with vim -p first.txt second.txt Then after editing first.txt I move to second.txt using gt. I press the keys gg and G ...
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