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Question about the command functionality that les the user define new Vim commands.

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Why does `<Bar>` behave like `|` in the `:command` command in Vim?

Here is the list of experiments I performed that shows that <Bar> is treated as literal <Bar> in some commands but it is treated as | in the :command command. I am trying to understand why ...
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2 answers

Insert Result of an Internal Vim Command into Text/Buffer (e.g. vims echo command)

Question I want to have basically the same as :read ![external command], but instead the external command I want to read the output from an internal command. Example Shells echo / external command: :...
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How to create ctrl map in command directly?

I'm trying to toggle some ctrl maps in command directly, it didn't work as expected: com Test0 nnoremap <c-j> :echo "c-j"<cr> com Test1 nnoremap <c-h> :echo "c-h"<cr> com ...
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:command to abort sequence?

To be honest upfront, I wanted to use global to find the first non-matching line, as in v,/usr/lib/, abort (having slashes in the search pattern is the reason for using g instead of / — I'm editing a ...
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How to use <Leader> in a normal command today?

The answer to the question with the same title doesn't seem to work for me. Not sure if the behavior has just changed overtime. To reproduce the issue, open Vim via vim -Nu filebelow.vim, where the ...
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