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Can I jump to implementation in a C project with coc-clangd?

I use NeoVim with coc-clangd. I have a project in C and I use vendor library SPL for STM8S chips. SPL library is in parent directory out of my project. This is my compile_flags.txt: -xc -std=c99 -Wall ...
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How to enable Qt completion with clangd in Neovim?

I use nvim-cmp. I have installed the clangd with Mason, and configured it with `lsp-config.nvim as: local capabilities = require('cmp_nvim_lsp').default_capabilities() lspconfig.clangd.setup { ...
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How do I get clangd to also recognise c++ includes?

I've installed clangd through mason, the lsp works when I open a cpp file. It finds includes from the C std library but when I include for instance it will just say 'fstream' file not found, same ...
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Unable to install coc-clangd

When I use the command :CocInstall clangd to install coc-clangd, it will throw the following error: [Coc.nvim] Error on install coc-clangd: AggregateError Why do I get this error? OS: Archlinux ...
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Neovim: external C++ Library Header file parsing not working

I am using Neovim (LunarVim IDE layer), I want to work with 'openFrameworks' library. To not get linter warning on header file includes (look at example below), I am adding all possible header files ...
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Where to find debug logs for an LSP started with vim.lsp.start()?

Long time vim user, I am getting started with using LSPs in nvim. I want to use the clangd LSP to get all those powerful LSP goodies. I am seeing a bunch of spurious errors whenever I edit a file, so ...
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