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Questions about editing non-text files.

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Command (e.g. `g++`) does not point to the same binary when run from the terminal or from (neo)vim

I have NVIM v0.4.3 on macOS Mojave version 10.14.6 I have different version of g++ compilers on my machine and made the following alias in my .zshrc file: alias g++="/usr/local/bin/g++-9" ...
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Hide binary portion in mixed text-binary file

I have a self-extracting "archive" generated by Makeself tool, which is essentially a shell script with a large binary blob in inside. What I want is to view only text part of the file, while hiding ...
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Adding new line characters after a specific amount of bytes

I'd like to add new line characters after every specific number of bytes in binary mode. I tried this script but the repetition count depends on the number of characters not bytes. Like when there is ...
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