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Questions about editing non-text files.

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How to edit binary files with Vim?

Is there a way to edit binary files in some kind of hexadecimal mode? For example if I have some binary data shown by xxd or hexdump -C like this: $ hexdump -C a.bin | head -n 5 00000000 cf fa ed ...
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How to tell Vim not to try to unzip a file?

I'm trying to open an .xlsx file in Vim, but got an error saying: ***error*** (zip#Browse) unzip not available on your system I know it's a binary file, but I want to do some checksums and probably ...
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Jumping to a byte offset, and displaying position as byte offset

How can I move the cursor to the nth byte in the buffer? How can I display the current cursor position in the ruler in terms of the byte offset, rather than lines and columns? (Follow-up question: ...
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How to get the current byte offset in whole file

I saw that you could display the current byte offset in the statusline using %o, but I found no function or command which does the same. Is there a way of getting the current byte offset ...
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Vim hex editor with xxd not working as intended

I'm trying to use Vim as a hex editor. I am using the %!xxd / %!xxd -r method, and it worked fine until I tried a some bytes that didn't work as expected : 00000000: 1337 6161 6161 6161 6161 6161 6161 ...
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How to check if file is binary?

Is there any way to determine within Vim that the file which I'm editing is either in text or binary format? For example: vim vs: vim
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How to make Vim to uncompress archive formats?

In here it's suggested that Vim can do automatic uncompression of gzip/zip files (including other formats) and it's something built-in. How do I open compressed file then? Sample scenario: curl https:/...
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