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Make colorscheme change when background change

I have a shortcut to set the background light, dark, or transparent. I want to use a different color scheme for when it is dark or light. How would I go about implementing it? I don't know programming ...
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As you can see in both the vimrc.plug and vim.rc files they both seem to be working in terms of gruvbox. I have syntax on, but when I type Vim into terminal and start typing or open a specific file ...
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Abort background process

Sometimes when a background process in Vim runs (in my case, compiling a poorly written LaTeX document) the background process stops which makes Vim unresponsive. Terminating the process from terminal ...
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How to synchronize background with terminal using solarized colorscheme with neovim

When I toggle my terminal from a dark to light colorscheme, neovim doesn't match: If my terminal is dark and I open nvim, nvim is dark (:set bg says dark) If my terminal is light and I open nvim, ...
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Vim only colours background of area with text in it [duplicate]

If I'm using kitty terminal the $TERM environment variable is xterm-kitty, which supports truecolour. I have set termguicolors in my .vimrc. When the terminal is in dark mode, and I enter set ...
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Help in troubleshooting strange behavior when resuming Vim from background

Latest update I start to think that the problem is not due to Vim in the first place. See this. Previous update I think I've almost tracked it down. The issue seems to be due to either command-t or ...
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Can't fully remove color scheme's background in nvim

I want to keep my acrylic powershell background while using neovim, which requires blocking my colorscheme's background (currently trying sainnhe/everforest). I've put hi Normal guibg=NONE ctermbg=...
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Trouble with persistence of background setting via vimrc

I have a structure thus: myproject/ .vim/ .vimrc Contents of .vimrc are: let g:usercolour = 0 if g:usercolour == 0 set background=dark colorscheme default endif if g:usercolour == 1 set ...
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