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For questions about the several commands to complete part of a keyword or line that has been typed.

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Can I search in the list of available completions on commandline?

I have set some options to configure completion on the command line, for commands that support it. I use the completion on the commandline very often with the :help command; That will be my example, ...
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Problem using LaTex .bib file with UltiSnips completion

Environment Ubuntu 14.04 Vim 7 Tmux I'm just trying to create some snippets for UltiSnips and writing bib files. What I want To create custom snippets that will make writing bib files (that I can'...
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How can I limit number of suggestions when using YouCompleteMe?

I'm working on fairly large php codebase (~1.3 mil lines of code). I have generated tags and now when I'm typing something like $data-> YouCompleteMe lags really hard and basically freezes Vim ...
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Triggering UltiSnips with enter

Is there any possible way to do expand trigger in UltiSnips with enter? I've tried <Enter>, <Return>, and <CR>. It works to trigger but doesn't work for new line. And I've tried to &...
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How to set up tags for Ruby, SASS, Slim and Coffescript?

I am developing main in Rails using SASS, Slim and Coffeescript. I have Exuberant Ctags installed and using tpope's setup It kind of works so at least I can move around my ruby code. But I would ...
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One pop up menu with keyword and user defined completion

Is there a way to mix user defined completion and keyword completion in one menu triggered by <c-n>? Keyword completion is probably the most useful method, but syntax completion triggered by &...
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Cycle between keyword & user defined completion with C-N

I use the following mapping to initiate keyword completion, followed by user defined completion: inoremap <expr> <c-n> pumvisible() ? "\<c-x>\<c-o>" : "\<c-n>" How can ...
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YouCompleteMe in non-code files yields -- User defined completion (^U^N^P) Pattern not found

I use YouCompleteMe and it works great (after some setting up woes) for both C/C++ and Python code. However, it tries to complete things in text files such as ReStructured text, markdown, etc... The ...
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How do I exclude certain file extensions from completion?

Is there a way to configure vim regarding what file types it considers "suitable" for opening? Let me clarify by an example. Imagine you are working on a latex document. Once you build your file, you ...
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6 answers

Vim Code Completion for Python 3

I am running Debian Jessie and use the current vim-nox (with +python -python3). I am having a hard time trying to program in Python 3, as I struggle with Python 3 code completion. YouCompleteMe doesn'...
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How can I lookup LaTeX symbols in Vim?

Can I integrate some form of symbol completion to Vim? Dedicated TeX editors like TeXMaker provide a list of symbols for completion (for example, \al shows a list with \alpha, \la shows \lambda and \...
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4 answers

How do I make dictionary completion look in a different file if triggered after the @ sign?

I have been using Vim as a research database, and I use tags in the form of @tag for each note, written in the second line after the title. I might have more than one tag. How can I make dictionary ...
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Including dictionary terms with spaces

We can use dictionaries to help us complete keywords. To set a new dictionary you can use set dictionary+=path/to/dict. This way you will be able to complete from a dictionary by typing <C-x><...
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Ins-completion of WORDs

<C-p> and <C-n> allow the completion of words found within the current document. I am taking some notes and writing say {0,1}^n and (E,D) many times. These are WORDs constituted by ...
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How to make `C-x C-k` dictionary completion respect case?

Vim has excellent inbuilt autocompletions. I've noticed that using C-x C-k (see :h i_CTRL-X_CTRL-K for more) for dictionary completion will not respect the case by default. For instance, if I type ...
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Tab to complete filenames with :find at an arbitrary depth

Notes: I have set path=$PWD/** in my .vimrc I am using Vim 7.3 Often times, I am sitting with Vim open at the root of my project and I enter :find somef<Tab> to find and open a file at an ...
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2 answers

Zsh-like tab completion of partial paths

Related to Bash-like partial tab-complete for filenames in Vim One of the truly fantastic features of zsh is that you can type, for example, ls /u/s/m/m/who.1, press Tab and have it complete to ls /...
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Bash-like partial tab-complete for filenames in Vim

In Bash, when there are several files with the same prefix and I type part of the prefix and hit Tab, it completes the common prefix and allows me to continue typing to differentiate among the ...
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Tab behaviour between :o and :cd

When I use :cd command in gvim it allows to complete the directories with a simple Tab press. However with :o command I only get ^I. How can I migrate the same bahavior from :cd to :o?
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How can I go into a directory in filename completion?

Consider a directory structure like this: topdir/ file1 file2 foo/ bar1 bar2 Say I want to open some file in foo/ in a new tab. I would first write :tabe topdir/, and then keep hitting ...
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How to get intelligent C++ auto-completion

Some editors (such as visual studio on windows) do C++ autocompletion which understand C++. For example, given: #include <vector> int main(void) { std::vector<int> v; v.i In visual ...
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Is it possible to have vim auto-complete function names, variables, etc. when using it to program?

Many IDEs automatically complete function names, variables, method names, etc. as the user types. The best ones complete the names based both on the language's built-in library as well as what has ...
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